How could Tuesday be any Fatter?

It’s Fat Tuesday, and I’m lamenting the lack of any parade or other celebration in the area outside of dive bars- which pretty much disqualifies me from Mardi Gras this year. In light of that, if there are no suggestions otherwise, I might come home after the gym tonight and make my very own King Cake.

Speaking of over-indulgence, I’m glad nobody sells these near where I live –

unless somebody’s interested in starting to carry them, in which case what are you waiting for?! My grandmother just shipped up some boxes of goodies I bundled up for mailing last time I was in Mississippi, and a couple of bags of these chips were in there. (Along with some strawberry figs and my photo scanner. Grandma decided to repack my boxes to save shipping costs. That’s another story.) Anyway, I was home at lunchtime today and opened a  bag to nibble. Before I knew it, half the bag was gone. (No, not the size in the picture above. Geez.)

These chips aren’t just any chips. These chips are the most comprehensive potato experience one might ever have in a lifetime. There just aren’t words to explain their potatoey goodness. It mystifies and confuddles the imagination. It touches the taste buds in ways they have never been touched before. It leaves you feeling very satisfied and still craving at the same time. It is… well, it is something.

To those of you I might have shared this bag of potato chips with… Please accept my apology, because the rest of the bag will be long-gone by then. You can always buy your own bag if you really want the experience. If you order direct from the site, yours might even come in a little less crumbly than mine did.

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