Who Moved My Cheese?

Once upon a time, I read the entirety of a pop-culture parable about maze-dwelling mice and tiny people that spend their days hunting Cheese ingeniously entitled Who Moved My Cheese?.

The moral? Well, there were too many morals to retain (and they were Cheesy). But the thing that really stood out was “Move with the Cheese.”

And now the question that we have to apply to our own lives is: Are you tired? Worn out? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Er…. I mean: Am I mourning the unfair loss of my Cheese? Or searching for new Cheese?

Overall, it was a cute book, and easy enough for a child to share.

I got this book from from kirinjirafa (Yay for my friends, who understand that it’s better to get the gifties on the un-birthdays when no one else is paying attention!). She also sent me a nifty gag handbook to past-life regression, so if anyone needs any help walking through that….. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning about your Cheese, check out this one-sitting read.

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