Augusten Burroughs, the Amish, and Witchcraft

This week I finished Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs, and absolutely loved it. I expected a troubled and trite rehashing of  Running With Scissors (the movie version) and instead found amusing and blasphemy-bordering stories like Holy Blow Job (about his sexual experiences with Catholic priests) and Cunnilingusville (about the Amish). Best at all was his account of his eccentric cleaning lady; I won’t spoil it with any details, but I still chuckle thinking about it. Burrough’s writing isn’t interesting to me because of what he says as much as how he says it. His style’s as vibrant as Prismacolor pencils.
Incidentally, if you want to read a beautifully descriptive book on witchcraft and paganism, pick up Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott.
It’s a modern fairy tale with spiritual messages embedded in the poetic prose. I finished it last month and while I haven’t adopted all of the tenets involved, I feel that the beauty and truths that I found in it were worth the hours spent. If the most that you gain is a new understanding and tolerance, it will be worth the thirteen-dollar cover price and a slice of your time. This book would probably appeal to a primarily female audience.

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