What I Want Wednesday

In honor of wishing the weekend to hurry up and get here, already, I’ve decided to devote my entire day to what I want. Here goes:

  • World peace.
  • More shelf space.
  • More Lilly Pulitzer. Even though I’ve already blogged about Lilly Pulitzer once today, love of Lilly inspires love of Lilly, and all I really need is just this one teensy little thing and then I’ll stop. Maybe. Today, what I really, really want is a Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection ottomanwith shoe storage.

    16 shoe pockets.

    Show me a girl that isn’t in love with this on first sight, and I’ll show you a girl that doesn’t have enough pairs of shoes.

  • This great laser key-board, so I’ll never again drip water onto mine leaning over the side of the tub to type…
  • The weekend to hurry up and get here, already!

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