The Hunger Games

I read this book in one night. And the second the next night. And the third, the one after that. Riveting, to the point of addictiveness. After being rendered virtually incapable of entertaining any thought outside the arena of these books for three days, all I have to say is that Suzanne Collins is a very talented lady. Granted, her plots aren’t unpredictable for those of us that read plenty of post-apocalyptic literature, but the way she writes! With a style similar to that of Margaret Atwood, but aimed toward a much younger target audience, these books are accessible and engaging for nearly any reader.

Since I was turned on to the books by my dear friend, Kirinjirafa, let me give you her take on The Hunger Games:

 With the impending end of two wildly popular book/movie series, it’s no wonder Hollywood has been quick to jump on Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy.  

This post-apocalyptic sci-fi follows sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen through a life or death survival contest.  The plot is rich in action and pathos; it’s easy to get pulled into the story, and hard to put the book down once you’ve started.

 Collins has an arresting technique in creating an instantly recognizable fantasy world. Her likeable main character is far from the stereotypical teenager without any compromise in believabilityEvery step Katniss takes in the book seems exactly as it should be. The environment around her rings true as well; for instance, the first ominous mention of “the reaping” occurs within a few paragraphs of the beginning, and we are immediately disconcerted. The reader can worry about the event without having to know what it is.

As a stand-alone piece of work, it’s a great investment of both the time and money.  Having read this first installment in the set, I’m already looking forward to the movie and hoping that the next two can deliver as much impact.  

Tune in tomorrow for my take on Catching Fire, the second book in the trilogy. And tune in each week for the next 5 weeks for Kirinjirafa’s thoughts on more exciting Summer Reading!

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