Mandala Monday

Mandalas are thought to have originated in Hinduism but have spread to be a universal symbol and are found to be particularly meaninful by Buddhists and people of eclectic faiths. Carl Jung touted them as an exploratory metaphorical platform. In the annotated version of The Tree of Life they are described as follows: “The word mandala is Sanskrit for “circle.” In Buddhism a mandala is a symbolic diagram emploted in the performance of religious rites as a tool of meditation. Used to represent the universe, a mandala serves as a consecrated spaced or focal point for the cosmic forces. By psychically entering the mandala and journeying toward its heart, the seeker is symbolically conducted through the universal process of disintegration and reintegration.”
They’re also just really cool looking.
Mandalas, representing life, occur naturally and are also created from everything from colored sand in elaborate and painstaking rituals, to colored pencils in under 10 minutes. The important part of making a mandala is not the finished product, but immersion in the process of creation. Mandalas allow their artists time for relaxing introspection and self-expression.If you’re interested in viewing mandalas (or perhaps creating some of your own), there are myriads of sources online. Get in touch with your inner guru with some  free coloring pages .

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