A Contributor Cometh

It was never my intention to contribute to a blog. I keep a journal for the sole purpose of never letting anyone else read it (and, in any event, I doubt anyone would want to) so the idea of posting the minutiae of my life on the internet for mass consumption always seemed slightly foreign to me.

And then I looked at my facebook.

Note: I am a sometimes-active user of Foursquare. I checked my facebook profile and realized, to my utter dismay, that my wall consisted of nothing but Foursquare check-ins. You might think this means I was being a busy and important gal-about-town. I’d like to think that, too, but the only place I was checking in was at work.

I’m still getting acquainted with being a “real” person; having been a student for so long often makes one forget that there exists a world out there in which anonymous masses toil and struggle with little to no recognition. I made the choice to immerse myself in that culture, and for the most part I’m happy with it. Except for the worst part: I’m bored.

So what’s a philosopher-on-hiatus to do with herself in her free time? I read; I hope I can express adequately the amount of pleasure I feel at being able to pick up a book and read it for no better reason than because I want to. I didn’t find it in a bibliography somewhere, I’m not researching or writing a paper, I’m simply reading. It has been a truly sublime experience. Coincidentally, I was offered the opportunity to contribute to my lovely friend’s project. And I miss academia enough that to read something and write about it appeals to me.

So. Here’s my plan, Julie & Julia though it may be. I am going to read through the BBC’s list of the top 200 novels.

You’ll find a link to the second hundred on the left. I will write reviews of these books, or my experience reading them, or whatever I’m moved to write. I am not going to re-read books I’ve already read, because my initial goal was to read through the list anyway. I’m not going to read them in any order, or with any amount of discipline excepting the fact that I hope to write one post per week. War and Peace might take a bit longer.

Maybe when I’m done with that list I’ll pick up the one I found on Wikipedia. Who knows?

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