Harry Potter Hype by a Non-fan

What is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 like if you aren’t a fan? This is the blog of a woman on a mission.  A mission to see the show after not having seen any of the films or read any of the books since the first of each.

Disclaimer: This was my third stop of the evening and I had a huge tanker of beer sitting between me and my incredibly attractive date.

While my earlier Harry Potter post may lead you to believe I’m one of you trendy Harry Potter-loving nerds, I’m not; the truth is that I’m just a big admirer of J.K. Rowling’s business acumen. I’m not not a fan, mind you – I just read the first book, said, “It’s cute,” and shelved the thing. I didn’t think the movie was cute at all. I thought it was downright disappointing after the vibrant world that I’d imagined, chalked it up to the way of things, and moved on.

Well, here’s what I thought of the movie: It was flashy, visually mesmerizing, and it really ticked me off because I just found out that Ron and Hermoine are together. Um, excuse me? Emma Watson is much, much too cute for Ron or Rupert Grint (apologies to Rupert and all of his cult followers), and I hope that in some of the upcoming releases, she realizes this and kicks him to the curb. Hermoine is obviously meant to be with Harry. (Ginny who? He doesn’t even hang out with Ginny, she just makes random appearances when nothing important is going on.) Harry and Hermoine, now- power with depth, and a much shorter attractiveness gap to bridge.

As a standalone movie, this really wasn’t half bad, but I guess the other pieces of the puzzle might enrich it further. Here’s my conundrum: I didn’t like the first movie (though the book was alright) but I liked the last a lot. Do I read the books or watch the movies, or leave it alone now that it’s over and the Libran-o-meter has tipped towards “like”?

By the way…. do these make anyone else anywhere on this whole planet think of Narnia?

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5 responses to “Harry Potter Hype by a Non-fan

  • Geek Squirrel

    I don’t really think anyone can tell you what you should read or watch. If you liked the last movie then it might be worth it to work through the books as well. They are easy reads and you learn a lot more detail than in the films. If you want to take a shortcut go ahead and flip through the movies. Here’s a quality breakdown:

    Chamber of Secrets: pretty much the same tone as the first movie, kind of kiddie and disneyesque.

    Prisoner of Azkeban: A game changer. Bizarre, quirky and injects a grittiness that is lacking in the first films but is essential to the rest of the series. Probably the best film next to the Deathly Hallows.

    Goblet: Lots of adventure and pre-vampire Robert Pattinson. Last “fun ride” before the crap hits the fan.

    Order of the Phoenix: …and here’s the crap. Features what Stephen King calls the best villain since Hannibal Lecter.

    Half-Blood Prince: Pretty much the set up for the last movies. Kind of uninteresting, but necessary.

    Or just read the books. All the cool kids are.

  • julie

    Yeah, the paring of the couples was much better in the books, the characters in the movie didn’t add up to me.

  • Sasperella

    Oh you gies, Rupert Grint – and his equally ginger alter ego – is a bloody legend and far better than that snotty, stroppy, self-important Harry Potter!

    To be honest I’m with you about the Rowling business accumen. I read somewhere that the success of the HP empire has nothing to do with the quality of the books but the quality of the marketing and media hype. I completely agree. I’m not saying the books are bad at all, I think they’re a good representation of how swayed we are by marketing, even when we don’t really realise it.

    That was a bit serious. Yuck. I reckon that if you’re not dead keen to watch or read, don’t force yourself. End of.

    • literatelibran

      We’re agreed about the marketing, if not about Rupert Grint. I personally feel that Harry’s strangely shizophrenic connection to Voldemort only serves to make him more interesting.

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