A Sh*tty Post

I apologize in advance for the PG-13 nature of today’s post (if, indeed, a four-letter word constitutes a PG-13 rating nowadays). Anyway, if you’re under 13, stop reading now, since I can’t make this post password protected without eliminating most of my readers. (Sorry! If you’re under 13 and you’re going to read this anyway, keep quiet about it so your parent’s don’t hate me, k? Thanks.)

Today’s post features two works of sh*t. The first, a pop culture phenomenon gone New York Times bestseller, titled Sh*t My Dad Says, by Justin Halpern.


Made famous by a twitter feed of hysterical (and usually profane) dad-isms, the book gives more vignettes and anecdotes with back stories. It’s easy to read in a lazy morning (or evening), and it has a few moments that are touching, even to those of us that aren’t particularly close to our fathers. Seriously, it’s awesome. Just ask William Shatner.

(Or don’t, since the series didn’t make it.)

The second book will probably only appeal to fans of a crude Canadian comedy called Trailer Park Boys, and I stand proudly admitting that I think it’s hilarious.  The Dicshitnary  was released in a very limited edition and authored by the series’ Mr. Lahey (a.k.a. John Dunsworth). True to its name, it is indeed a dictionary of Sh*t.


If you enjoy the episode  below, you’d probably get the Dicshitnary. If not, don’t bother.

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