When Monday bleeds over to Tuesday

i accidentally came to work dressed like a hooker.

that is a very funny line
but i’m sorry about your plight

did you get the photos?

love the shoes

and the blue toenails?

but seriously, i would never pay to have sex with you
if you tried to be a hooker in that outfit, i think you’d go hungry

Applications for BFF being taken in 3… 2…

(My former best friend swears she was only trying to say that I didn’t look slutty. Puh-lease.)

Also, there’s a new Oz movie coming out, and she told me about that, and it’s kind of exciting and scary. So I guess she’s okay, after all. 

For the record, I’d like to say that I don’t care about celebrity marriages or break-ups, and I’m sick of seeing them plastered all over magazine stands, the internet, and people’s minds. But I kind of feel a tiny little twinge of happiness for Katie Holmes right now. Kind of.

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