Where is the Fun in Fundamentalism?

Perhaps some of you are familiar with fundamentalism’s take on homosexuality.

You may have seen Anderson Cooper’s report on Charles Worley’s insistence that our nation ought to put homosexuals in concentration camps:

Or heard  Sean Harris’ sermon on punching gay kids:

Or know about Steve Anderson’s “hate” for homosexuals.

The thing is, these wackos aren’t alone in their beliefs. There’s a whole subculture of people in our nation that don’t believe in equal rights for those that have alternative lifestyles. The good news is, the numbers are shifting- slightly. According to The Pew Forum, in the past 11 years Gay Marriage Opposition has diminished from 57% of the country to 44%. The bad news is, those numbers are still appalling. There also seems to be a correlation between denomination (or lack thereof) and opposition to legalizing gay marriage.

I’m not gay, but this issue still matters to me because the issue is human rights. Either marriage is a religious institution, in which case the government has no business recognizing it in the first place, or it’s a legal contract- in which case, discriminating against someone else that wants one is treading on dangerous territory.
Our government, perhaps contrary to popular opinion, is not Christian, even if the majority of the population of the nation claims to be. So, here’s the thing: how is this

any different than this


The only difference I can see is who is in the majority.

So when a privately owned business, such as Chic-Fil-A, makes contributions to groups that perpetuate the kind of hate portrayed in the images above  (see the Snopes story here), I have the right to spread that news around and refuse to eat there anymore. You have the right to tell me that you don’t give a crap, and go on supporting that if you wish.  Personally, I’ve been deleted by a cousin and friends that I have known for over 20 years  for posting about Chic-Fil-A’s contributions on my Facebook wall. Seriously, Christianity: shame on you. This stuff makes you look like you haven’t changed since the days of Inquisitions and witch hunts.

Paul is the one that was anti-Gay. Other than Paul’s writings, you’re stuck searching Old Testament law for anti-Gay stuff- and those condemn blended fabrics and many other things you’re probably in violation on.

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