Growing Up Amish

The Amish are a fascinating subject for religious and secular folks alike, especially lately, as they’ve been in the news with a beard cutting and sex scandal (yes, both of those things happened under the umbrella of one scandal). Amish culture, in its resistance to modern influence and the march of progress, has much in common with other forms of Christian Fundamentalism.  At my fundy college, I had a Mennonite roommate, and she told me that folks in her denomination were frequently confused with the Amish thanks to the headcoverings they wore; apparently, Amish are Mennonites, but Mennonites are not usually Amish.  In many ways, the simplicity of the Amish lifestyle is appealing from the outside; from the inside, the oppression must seem stifling. Ira Wagler, born and raised in the Old Order Amish community in Alymer, Ontario, has written a fascinating inside peek into the Amish culture, as well as a riveting account of his exodus .

Here, he tells an abbreviated version of the first part of his story:

(For the rest of his story, I suppose you have to read his book.) The book is very descriptive of the culture and several different Amish communities. I found it a quick and fascinating read. Pick up a copy of Growing Up Amish.

NOTE: I was not paid to review this book, nor was I provided gratuity or promotional copies; I purchased this book with my own funds.

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