Literate Who?

The Literate Libran is a blog about media, particularly books, with the occasional odd film, music, or other interesting tidbit thrown in for good measure.

Contributers Include:

  • The Literate Libran herself. She reads, writes and edits for a living in the corporate world, where the minutes of her soul tick by in a frigid corner office. In her actual life, she reads and writes for pleasure instead of money (Though you can buy her children’s book if you like), and spends every moment possible with her six year old Bean.  For your stalking pleasure, you can find her on Pinterest, follow her on Facebook, and buy everything she loves in her Amazon store.

    The Literate Libran

  • Kirinjirafa has been a dear friend of the Libran ever since college, and deserves accolades for putting up with the situation this long.

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